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Find your balance

Now more than ever is the time to achieve optimal health. How do you do this? By creating a strong nutrition foundation to support your body, practicing healthy habits daily, and being consistent.

I know from personal experience that it can be challenging to know where to begin and find the right support in this transition. As your holistic nutrition coach, I am here to help you jump-start the process to get you started on your journey now.

What makes me different from every other Registered Dietitian is I have specific education in holistic nutrition, which is very different from the conventional systems others have trained in. I also have a strong background in epigenetics, molecular biology, stem cell, and ovarian cancer research, giving me a unique perspective on how food interacts with our bodies on the cellular level.

Above all else, I understand you are a person with unique needs, and I will tailor a plan to help you achieve your goals of leading a better, healthier life.

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What to expect

Individual Support

I will guide your health journey and help identify the problem areas in your life, such as diet, lifestyle, and stress. Then from a complete lifestyle, food, and health assessment, we will build a customized plan based on your needs. We will also meet weekly to answer questions and help you with your lifestyle changes.

Nutrition Strategies

My holistic nutrition coaching services include customized meal plans, a how-to grocery shop for your customized meal plans, and a how-to on reading food labels. I will also assess and make recommendations based on intolerances, sensitivities, unique cases or ailments, and a long-term health maintenance plan

Holistic Solutions

I will provide you with holistic health guidance on supporting the body with food, herbs, and movement. Then to education on food, organic & GMOs, shopping, labeling & the biochemistry of how food affects the body. This education will provide a foundation and will benefit people who have health ailments and chronic diseases the most.

Weightloss Plans

You will learn how to let go of diets by changing your eating habits by discovering the root of the problem! We will work closely together to get your body in balance to achieve optimal health and wellness with the goal of preventing disease. I will support you with a detailed plan, pantry clean-out, shopping lists, and much more!